Every organization, group, team or company is a brand, a personality, a culture. When you go in to Target, Home Depot, your favorite restaurant or when you’re sitting on a Delta flight, then you know that every experience evokes emotions within us.



Our desire as Seventh-day Adventists is that when you encounter us or any program, event or organization we are involved with that you will also experience some emotions. We hope those emotions include joy, satisfaction, contentment, and intrigue. 

We believe people cared to know how much Jesus knew, because people knew how much Jesus cared. We still believe this experience is the desire of the nations. When Moses asked to see the Lord on Mt. Sinai - to really know his character, the words used to describe what he saw included - The Lord - compassionate, gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness, maintaining love to thousands and forgiving wickedness, rebellion and sin. 

Our desire is that when you meet us and are around us and hopefully walk with us, that you will be able to say the same.

-The Adairsville Church Family

P.S. If you want to learn more about our passion, take a look at our manifesto

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We believe

The Bible is the greatest source of truth in the world today. In it, we learn the story of the great controversy between Christ and Satan. From it, we understand that God intended something better for us, that we were meant to live forever. The plan of saving man (salvation) from selfishness (sin) is what the story shows us. The good news is that life can be better starting today. We can look forward to a day when sorrow, sickness and sadness are no more. We celebrate this story of hope each Saturday recognizing God created mankind and all of the creation in six literal days and that the Sabbath was set aside as a holiday to spend with family and friends each week. It is this weekly reminder that keeps our hearts hopeful that one day soon Jesus will return as He has promised and eventually make everything new again.

Why Adventists?

We find our roots in studying the prophecies of the Bible. One of the saddest realities is that the Bible itself predicted that the majority of the Christian church would fall away from truth and would begin to look to the traditions of men rather than the truths of scripture. As we look back to the seers and prophets of scripture we recognize it is never easy to go against the majority. We look to courageous individuals like Martin Luther, John Wesley, John Huss among many others who were were willing to stand for truth though it cost them everything. We believe the Protestant Reformation that they began continues to this day. In the face of a world of compromise, we desire to stay true to the beautiful teachings of scripture. We believe the Seventh-day Adventist movement was raised up to continue to carry the torch of Protestantism all the way until the Second Advent of Christ. Why does Jesus need to return? As we look around us in the world today, it seems as though without an intervention, mankind is without hope of survival.

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