Are You Fasting? // Dr. David Brannon

Isaiah 58 talks about a people who claim to do right but wonder why God doesn’t notice them?. Is it possible the church has been overrun with a terrible disease and she doesn’t even know it? 

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Christians and Climate Change // Jared Thurmon

Perhaps one of the most divisive topics in America today, the topic of Climate Change is not going away.

A majority believe it should now be called a Climate Crisis or Climate Emergency, while others deny anything is happening at all. Should Christians be more concerned about the Climate? Does the Bible or Prophecy predict climate change? We attempt to wade into this issue and learn why America may be holding out on the Paris Agreement and what lies ahead.

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Aliens or Angels?

The majority of Americans now believe in intelligent alien life. Does the Bible talk about Aliens? If so, who are they? What is their agenda? Are they Aliens or could they be Angels, Demons, Relatives or something else? Why is the discussion on making contacting increasing?  Notes

The Ultimate Conspiracy // Jared Thurmon

What happens when you're called out for being a conspiracy theorist? Are conspiracies even real? A recent Newsweek article identified Creationism and the belief that all things have a purpose as perhaps the ultimate conspiracy. So again it appears as though Science and Scripture are headed for a collision. Who will win? Is Scripture a conspiracy? Is Science a conspiracy? The good news is that you get to decide...right? 

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In the Right Place // Shawn Craig

What’s the saying about being in the right place at the wrong time? Or how about when someone means well but doesn’t do well? In this message, Shawn Craig describes the varying beliefs today of the Biblical Sabbath and if and why any of it matters at all. Is it possible that even those who attend church on Saturday may not be keeping the Sabbath as the Bible describes?

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A Father's Love // Justin Moore

Today countless households grow up without a father. What are the real lifelong effects of this? Does our influence with our father on earth affect how we view our Father in heaven? In this sermon you'll here the latest research on the importance of fathers in the home as well as ways to view God in a totally new way. 

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