Jesus - The Fallen Angel? - 6

For 4000 years, the angels, the unfallen worlds, and mankind had waited. Mothers and fathers had relayed the story to their children. One day the Messiah would come and be the sacrifice to save man from sin and selfishness. The tipping point in the plan of salvation had finally come.

This was the moment like that of Cortez and his men in 1519 when the Spanish Fleet landed on the shores of the new world. Cortez turns to them and says “BURN THE SHIPS” There is no going back now. 

In order to elevate fallen man, Christ must reach him where he was and become the son of man. 

All heaven was at risk!!!

Satan meets Christ in the desert and tells Him that one of the exalted angels had been exiled to the earth, that Jesus appearance indicated that, instead of His being the king of heaven,  He clearly was the fallen angel…

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