Be Fruitful - 4

What are the two principles contending for supremacy in the war of good vs. evil? Moses is poised to be king of the world, the sun god, Pharaoh of Egypt, yet he decides to cast his lot with the people of God rather than enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season. God rewards him by showing him the final details of how the war of good and evil would end and how sin and selfishness would forever be silenced.

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Forbidden Fruit - 2

Satan stood in amazement at his new condition. His happiness was gone. He looked upon the angels who, with him, were once so happy, but who had been expelled from heaven.... Now all was different . Joy was replaced with bickering and arguments. Where was he? Was it not all a horrible dream? Was he shut out of Heaven?

Join us as we look at part 2 in our story. Satan loses all of heaven, will he lead Adam and Eve to join his rebellion? 

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War in Heaven - 1

And there was war in heaven… but why? What led Lucifer to start a coup against the government of paradise? What was it that triggered the beginning of the end of peace in this place of bliss?

“The plan that should be carried out upon the defection of any of the high intelligences of heaven,—this is the secret, the mystery which has been hid from ages. And an offering was prepared in the eternal purposes to do the very work which God has done for fallen humanity.”

Listen to hear how it all began.

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Learning Not Learning

There is learning and then there are things that we need to unlearn.

Lessons from the life of David are very practical today

While all the world sees leaders, celebrities etc appearing to have all the power, God is working behind the scenes to do something special.

It is often off screen, when no one is noticing that we being prepare for what God has in store for us.

Brand Evangelists: Solomon and Sheba

Guy Kawasaki coined the term in the corporate world when he became the Chief Brand Evangelist for Apple under Steve Jobs.

What is an evangelist?

Webster’s/Oxford dictionaries give us a few definitions:

A zealous advocate of something

One who seeks to convert others to the Christian faith

Someone who talks about something with enthusiasm

Now since I know many of you, I already know you’re evangelists. Why? Because you’re passionate about various things that you love to share about.

Maybe it’s a new food, a new app, that movie, that show, that book, that podcast. That place.


Today I want to talk to you about the idea of bandwidth. Not just the download speed kind, but also in a broader sense the idea of capacity. Do you have time for other people? Do you have money to share? Are you thoughtful - meaning have capacity to think about others or are you just thinking about yourself? Do you find yourself more in need than able to help those in need?

Thought: What occupies your thoughts most days?

Time: What occupies your time?

Treasure: What are you spending your money on?

In life we remember moments when people went above and beyond our expectations. Here are a few examples - popsicles, ice cream , outdoor music, when someone opens a door for you….

The Talking Dead

We love the idea of communicating with the dead, and celebrating life after death. And hey who can blame us? The Sumerians did, the Egyptians did, the Persians, the Greeks, The Romans, and now the whole world… But why is it that what was once condemned, we now celebrate? If the Bible is true, the countless experiences of the living talking to dead loved ones may not be as they seem.

If the Bible is true, the countless experiences of the living talking to dead loved ones may not be as they seem. If 1/3 of the angels were cast out of heaven, and are in a war against us, what do you think would be the best way to get into your life? By what means? If by chance it was through someone you loved, how would you know the difference between talking to a dead relative or a demon impersonating your loved one? And if the dead are permitted in to paradise, why would they not in love come back and minister to us in the land of the living?